Standing Policy Committee Presentation on June 29, 2011

CADA and TCF will make a presentation on King Edward School to the Standing Policy Committee (SPC) on Community and Protective Services to be held on June 29th, 2011 at 9:30am in the Engineering Traditions Committee Room. 

For the municipal contribution to the overall project budget, we are seeking an allocation of $5 million through the Cultural Municipal Sustainability Initiative. The King Edward School project was recommended for this investment by an arms-length assessment committee through the Cultural Spaces Investment Process concluded earlier this year.

As members of the local and arts community, it would be immensely valuable for you to be present at the CPS meeting to express support for the King Edward School project. Calgary Arts Development, The Calgary Foundation and the South Calgary Community Association will be presenting directly to the committee on the merits, community impact and engagement process. 

The agenda for the July 29th CPS is attached, and we will update our website and via twitter @cadaspaces when we have a better sense when our presentation will occur. Please join us on Wednesday to communicate your passion and perspective to Council members next week.